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We are committed to provide safe
energy solutions to our customers

Since its inception, CJSC KOLVANEFT has become one of Russia's major international energy refining company and is well known for its oil trading and bunkering business in Russia. Currently, the Group has clients and/or partners in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Mainland China,Dubai and other Asian countries to provide customers with a full range of services.

Going forward, the Group will continue to focus on broadening and deepening existing core businesses and will embark on the Oil Storage and Terminal facilities project. The Group is constantly exploring new areas for expansion and development to strengthen our core competencies.

In our view, energy trading is not only a science but also an art. CJSC KOLVANEFT will continue to follow its core value "Catering to your needs", delivering the best services to our esteemed customers


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Our Mission

Our mission is to be an environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible, well managed for-profit enterprise that reinvests for future growth and development.

Industry Vision

CJSC KOLVANEFT, an exploration and production company, will be a quality organization of innovators and entrepreneurs committed to growth, opportunity, and profit as well as community enrichment.

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